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Updated 04/2012

Parking Regulations and Enforcement



There are several options for adopting parking regulations. A jurisdiction may adopt by reference provisions found in Ch. 46.61 RCW - Rules of the Road, or it may adopt provisions of the Model Traffic Ordinance (MTO), Ch. 308-330 WAC. Some jurisdictions have opted not to adopt certain provisions of the MTO and have substituted their own provisions. Others have adopted the MTO, and then adopted additional or supplemental provisions. Instead of adopting any state laws by reference, a jurisdiction may write its own parking regulations. Local regulations are generally allowed as long as they are not in conflict with state law.

Since the majority of cities, towns, and counties in Washington have adopted the MTO, most of the provisions on this page are illustrations of miscellaneous parking regulations supplemental to the MTO. Where a jurisdiction has adopted the MTO and excluded provisions relating to parking, the code section listing the exclusions is cited. A review of parking code provisions indicates that many jurisdictions have inconsistencies in their parking regulations caused by adoption of portions (or all) of the Model Traffic Ordinance (MTO) and also supplemental parking regulations which may conflict. Cities, towns, and counties should carefully review the MTO before adopting or amending supplemental parking provisions.


Parking Code Provisions

  • Bellevue
    • Bellevue Municipal Code Sec. 11.80.020 - Model Traffic Ordinance Sections Deleted
    • Bellevue Municipal Code Ch. 11.23 - Parking
  • Burien
    • Burien Municipal Code Sec. 10.05.050 - Sections of Model Traffic Ordinance Not Adopted
    • Burien Municipal Code Ch. 10.15 - Parking, Standing and Stopping - Policy, authority, parking restriction adoption process
  • Clark County
    • Clark County Code Sec. 10.02.020 - Model Traffic Ordinance - Sections Not Adopted
    • Clark County Code Title 10 - Vehicles and Traffic (See Chapters Related to Parking - Vehicles Blocking County Roads, Truck and Trailer Parking, Employee Parking)
  • Colville
    • Colville Municipal Code Sec. 10.04.020 - Model Traffic Ordinance - Sections Not Adopted
    • Colville Municipal Code Ch. 10.12 - Parking
  • Kirkland
    • Kirkland Municipal Code Ch. 12.61 - Model Traffic Ordinance - Note some parking related provisions not adopted
    • Kirkland Municipal Code Ch. 12.45 - Parking
  • Longview
    • Longview Municipal Code Ch. 11.02 - Model Traffic Ordinance - Note some parking related provisions not adopted
    • Longview Municipal Code Ch. 11.44 - Stopping, Standing and Parking
  • Seattle (Has not adopted the Model Traffic Ordinance)
  • Thurston County (Has not adopted the Model Traffic Ordinance)
    • Thurston County Code Ch. 12.61 - Rules of the Road - See Secs. 12.61.385 through 12.61.47
  • Vancouver
    • Vancouver Municipal Code Sec. 9.02.020 - Model Traffic Ordinance - Sections Not Adopted
    • Vancouver Municipal Code Ch. 9.64 - Stopping, Standing and Parking
    • Vancouver Municipal Code Ch. 9.68 - Parking Meters
  • Yakima
    • Yakima Municipal Code Sec. 9.46.020 - Deletions and Modifications to the Model Traffic Ordinance
    • Yakima Municipal Code Ch. 9.50 - Parking and Rules of the Road

Special Parking Permits

Parking Enforcement

Code Provisions - Failure to Pay Traffic Fines - Impounding Vehicle

  • Bellingham Municipal Code Sec. 11.18.020(C) - Impounds Authorized in Addition to RCW 46.55.113
  • Bremerton Municipal Code Sec. 10.11.050 - Nuisance Declared - Appeal  - Failure to respond to three or more outstanding infractions
  • Everett Municipal Code Sec. 46.28.325 - Impoundment of vehicles with unpaid tickets
  • Seattle Municipal Code Sec. 11.30.040(A)(7) - When a vehicle may be impounded without prior notice

Paying Parking Tickets Online

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