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Updated 11/2014

Recreational Marijuana: A Guide for Local Governments

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With Initiative 502 passed, the feds giving the green light, and new regulations effective November 16th, it's time for local governments across Washington State to get serious about a regulated recreational marijuana industry!

To help, MRSC has put together a comprehensive guide for local governments on how to implement recreational marijuana on the municipal level. In the following web pages you find basic information about implementation, regulatory documents, sample ordinances, and more. Using this information we hope that your municipality can develop the right set of policies for your community.


Latest News

State Attorney General Says Cities and Counties Can Ban Recreational Marijuana Uses, 01/16/2014

AWC Webinar on Licensing Issues - Includes detailed presentations by Alan Rathbun of the state Liquor Control Board, and Jon Walker, Deputy City Attorney of Tacoma. The primary topic is the criteria used by the LCB to grant licenses and the grounds for cities or counties to object to the granting of marijuana licenses, 11/12/2013

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