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Updated 01/2013

Sewer Utilities



Sewer utilities, whether operated by a city, county, or special purpose district, have these common goals;

  • Develop comprehensive sewer plans for sewer systems;
  • Provide for collection, treatment, and disposal of domestic, commercial, and industrial wastewater in accordance with federal and state regulations;
  • Establish rates for collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater that provide adequate revenue for administration, operation, maintenance of the sewer system;
  • Provide for customer billing services and processes that are fair, equitable and in compliance with accepted accounting principles.




Sewer Rates

Planning - Comprehensive Sewer/Wastewater Plans

  • Issue Paper on Sewer Utility Status, Puget Sound Regional Council Vision 2020 + 20 Update, July 7, 2005 - This issue paper broadly outlines sewer conditions in the Puget Sound region and identifies where sewer capacity could affect growth.

Planning for Sewer/Wastewater Systems

  • King County System Planning
  • Kitsap County Wastewater Infrastructure Taskforce (WIT) - Discusses the planning, funding and construction of sewer infrastructure within the urban growth areas (UGAs), as well as prepare policy recommendations and technical documents for implementation.

Comprehensive Sewer/Wastewater Plans

Regulatory Provisions

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