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MRSC Services

MRSC's mission is to promote excellence in Washington local government through professional consultation, research and information services:


MRSC's research services offer many ways for you to get answers to your questions including an inquiry service that allows local government officials and staff to call or email MRSC's policy and legal consultants directly to submit research requests and our website that contains a wide variety of resources including a database of past inquiries, sample documents, state laws and regulations, city and county codes, and much more:


MRSC's publications are widely read across the state and provide the reference material you need to make the most out of local government.


MRSC offers a variety of ways for local government officials and staff to stay informed on issues that matter most to them, including e-newsletters, social media, RSS feeds and more:

MRSC e-newsletters

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Advisor Columns

MRSC has joined with a wide range of experts across the state to bring you MRSC Advisor, columns written specifically for Washington local governments with timely information and advice you can use.

News from MRSC

Looking for information straight from MRSC? Keep in touch with us on our blog, through your RSS reader, or through Facebook.


MRSC provides relevant and timely training on issues of interest to local governments, such as ethics, public records, open government, governance, purchasing and contracting, customer service and public finance. This training is provided through webinars that we produce. MRSC staff are also frequent speakers at local government conferences.

Professional Association Support

MRSC provides conference and workshop registration, accounting and membership support services to the following Washington local government professional organizations: Washington City/County Management Association (WCMA); Washington State Association of Municipal Attorneys (WSAMA); Washington Finance Officers Association (WFOA); Washington Municipal Treasurers Association (WMTA); Washington Chapter American Public Works Association (APWA).

  • WCMA Inquiries
    Contact: Donita Knutson
    206.625.0671 | Email
  • WSAMA Inquiries
    Contact: Pat Mason or Donita Knutson
    206.625-0656 | Email
  • WFOA Inquiries
    Contact: Marcie Klobucher or Sandra Vong
    206.625-0242 | Email
  • WMTA Inquiries
    Contact: Holly Stewart
    206.625.0415 | Email
  • APWA Inquiries
    Contact: Josh Mahar
    206.625.0308 | Email

For a list of all state associations in Washington, see MRSC's Washington State Associations page.


The MRSC Rosters is a small public works and consultant roster membership service for Washington local governments that offers a more efficient and cost-effective approach to using public works rosters. For a nominal annual fee, MRSC hosts individual public agency rosters in a shared database, assists businesses with registration, and provides all roster maintenance. To learn more about how more than 300 cities, counties, and special districts are saving resources with MRSC Rosters, visit the Rosters website at

Need more information?

Feel free to Ask MRSC. Washington cities, counties, and our contract partners can call or email MRSC for more information and advice - free of charge.