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Topic CodeTopic Title
UW 0All UW 0 Documents
UW 0.0000Periodicals
UW 0.0001Bibliographies
UW 0.0002Dictionaries, thesauri, guides
UW 0.0003Resource guides, directories, associations and organizations
UW 0.0004Forms, application forms
UW 0.0005Product catalogs, services
UW 0.0006Software applications
UW 0.0007Publications, publishers' blurbs
UW 0.0008Requests for proposals (RFP), requests for qualifications (RFQ), requests for information (RFI)
UW 0.0009General
UW 1All UW 1 Documents
UW 1.0000Administration and management
UW 1.1000Water department, water utility
UW 1.1100Forms and records for water system
UW 1.3000Facilities planning, consumption rates, comprehensive plans, water system plan, regional associations
UW 1.4000Finance for water system
UW 1.5000Property acquisition and management for water system
UW 1.6000Sale and purchase of water, water allocation, water service, intergovernmental contracts
UW 2All UW 2 Documents
UW 2.0000Construction, replacements, and betterments
UW 2.1000Water system design
UW 2.1100Telemetry systems
UW 2.2000Water contracts
UW 2.3000Equipment and supplies for water system
UW 2.3100Cross-connections, cross connection and backflow control
UW 3All UW 3 Documents
UW 3.0000Maintenance and operation of water system
UW 3.1000Water storage reservoirs and tanks
UW 3.2000Filtration plants, water treatment
UW 3.3000Fire protection, fire hydrants, fire flow
UW 3.4000Water meters
UW 3.5000Water distribution system maintenance
UW 4All UW 4 Documents
UW 4.0000Regulations and policies
UW 4.1000General water system ordinances
UW 4.2000Water connections, connection fees, moratoria on issuance of permits
UW 4.3000Extensions of water system
UW 4.4000Service outside city for water system
UW 4.5000Irrigation and sprinkling, water conservation regulations
UW 4.7000Water conservation, water use efficiency, drought management and planning
UW 4.7100Water reuse, gray water, rainwater harvesting
UW 4.7200Landscaping and water conservation, xeriscape
UW 5All UW 5 Documents
UW 5.0000Water rates and fees, determination
UW 5.1000Water rate ordinances, credits for life support systems
UW 5.2000Water latecomer charges
UW 5.3000Miscellaneous water system charges, temporary service, special surcharges
UW 6All UW 6 Documents
UW 6.0000Drinking water quality standards and chemical treatment, public water supply
UW 6.1000Safe Drinking Water Act, drinking water standards, source water protection
UW 6.2000Fluoridation
UW 6.2100Water quality ordinances
UW 6.3000Lead in drinking water, nitrate
UW 7All UW 7 Documents
UW 7.0000Resources, consumption statistics, comprehensive water plans
UW 7.1000Wells
UW 7.2000Watersheds, watershed planning, watershed action plan, water resource inventory areas (WRIA)
UW 7.2500Aquifer and groundwater recharge areas, wellhead protection
UW 7.3000Water rights, water permits
UW 7.4000Desalination
UW 7.5000Groundwater

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