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Topic CodeTopic Title
US 0All US 0 Documents
US 0.0000Periodicals
US 0.0001Bibliographies
US 0.0002Dictionaries, thesauri, guides
US 0.0003Resource guides, directories, associations and organizations
US 0.0004Forms, application forms
US 0.0005Product catalogs, services
US 0.0006Software applications
US 0.0007Publications, publishers' blurbs
US 0.0008Requests for proposals (RFP), requests for qualifications (RFQ), requests for information (RFI)
US 0.0009General
US 1All US 1 Documents
US 1.0000Sewer and wastewater system administration and organization
US 1.1000Sewer department, sewer utility
US 1.1100Forms, records for sewer system
US 1.2000Sewer facilities planning, sewer master plan
US 1.3000Sewer and stormwater finance, water quality improvements, Centennial Clean Water Fund
US 1.3100Sewer and stormwater conservation and efficiency loan program (RCW 35.67.360, Ch. 31 Laws of 1998, HJR 4209)
US 1.4000Property acquisition and management for sewer system
US 2All US 2 Documents
US 2.0000Sewer and wastewater system construction, replacements and betterments, collection system
US 2.1000Sewer system design
US 2.2000Sewer maintenance, inspection of new systems
US 2.3000Sewer equipment, plastic pipe, backflow valves, sewage flow meters
US 2.4000Combined sewer overflow
US 3All US 3 Documents
US 3.0000Sewer and wastewater regulations and policies
US 3.1000General ordinances for sewer system
US 3.2000Sewer connections, connection charges, hook-up charges, moratoria
US 3.2100Side sewers
US 3.3000Sewer extensions
US 3.4000Sewer service outside city, joint service agreements, interlocal agreements
US 3.5000Fats, oils and grease
US 4All US 4 Documents
US 4.0000Sewer and wastewater rates and fees, determination
US 4.1000Sewer rates, sewer rate ordinances
US 4.2000Industrial wastes and recovery charges
US 4.3000Sewer latecomer charges
US 4.4000Special sewer charges, surcharges, investment charges
US 5All US 5 Documents
US 5.0000Surface water management, storm drainage management, urban wet weather, water pollution control
US 5.0100Federal and state regulations, technical requirements, court decisions and legal opinions
US 5.0500Source control, illicit discharges, urban runoff (run-off), best management practices (BMP) for stormwater pollution prevention, experimental BMPs
US 5.0510Low impact development, zero effect impervious surface, zero effect drainage discharge, permeable pavement systems, natural approaches to stormwater management, conservation landscaping, rain gardens
US 5.0512Farm practices, dairy waste
US 5.0520Public education on stormwater pollution and best management practices
US 5.1000Storm drainage utility general, public information about creating stormwater utility and rate changes
US 5.1100Storm drainage utility ordinances
US 5.1200Storm drainage utility fees, stormwater fees, management program fees, user rates, connection fees, credits and exemptions
US 5.2000Storm drainage administration and organization, general funding, interlocal agreements, consultant contracts
US 5.3000Comprehensive stormwater management plans, comprehensive drainage plans, drainage basin studies
US 5.4000General stormwater design, stormwater construction, replacements and betterments, collection system, stormwater culverts
US 5.4200General information about stormwater system maintenance, public information materials
US 5.5000Stormwater management regulations, programs, maintenance programs, policy plans, drainage plans, drainage management regulations
US 5.5100Stormwater design manuals, stormwater technical manuals, stormwater site development manuals
US 5.6000Treatment of stormwater for disposal, methods of disposal, treatment BMPs, detention facilities
US 6All US 6 Documents
US 6.0000Sewage and wastewater treatment and disposal
US 6.1000Wastewater operation and maintenance
US 6.1100Wastewater laboratories, testing
US 6.1200Wastewater operator certification
US 6.2000Intergovernmental and private contracting for wastewater collection, transport, treatment and disposal
US 6.3000Wastewater treatment processes -- primary, secondary, tertiary
US 6.3500Natural wastewater treatment processes, aquatic wetlands, land treatment systems
US 6.4000Sewage sludge disposal, biosolids
US 7All US 7 Documents
US 7.0000Private sewage systems, septic tanks, on-site systems
US 7.1000Septage transport and disposal, dump stations
US 8All US 8 Documents
US 8.0000Industrial wastes, discharge regulations
US 8.1000Treatment, industrial pretreatment

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