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Outlines the terms and conditions under which Adams County will provide remote access security to end users5/03Adams County
Cellular telephone policy05/03Adams County
Travel and lodging expense reimbursement policy - Southwest Clean Air Agency11/09Air Pollution Control Authority
Travel claims policy - Southwest Clean Air Agency5/10Air Pollution Control Authority
Worker's Compensation Buy Back Program; employee leave buy back program for employee’s receiving time-loss payments from Washington State Department of Labor & Industries05/05Algona
Personnel policies manual03/2013Anacortes
Absences/leave policy2/10Anacortes
Resolution No. 1708 - Establishes a vacation donation program to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina9/05Anacortes
Accident Prevention Manual12/07Anacortes
Wastewater Treatment Safety Policies and Procedures 1/08Anacortes
Operations Manual for Street Sewer and Storm Department1/05Anacortes
Use of communication systems policy5/09Anacortes
Grand View Cemetery policies and fee schedule3/07Anacortes
Leasing of city property1/09Anacortes
Washingington Park policies 03/1999Anacortes
Policy for use of the city’s community TV bulletin system7/09Arlington
Financial management policies2/11Arlington
LEOFF disability board policy and procedure manual, 2002-2003 Auburn
Internet and electronic resources/equipment use05/2009Auburn
Internet and electronic resources/equipment use - elected officials01/2009Auburn
Police Department Manual of Standards - Directive on less than lethal force01/2001Auburn
City guidelines for cellular phone acquisition and employee usendAWC
Prohibition of unlawful harassment11/2009Bainbridge Island
Establishes budget policies for the preparation of the 2009 budget12/09Bainbridge Island
Cost allocation planndfBainbridge Island
Manual of City Governance Policies, Procedures and Guidelines3/10Bainbridge Island
Ethics program Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park District - Criteria guidelines for naming of a park, property, individual facility, or memorial 09/2000Bainbridge Island
Procedures for the disposal of surplus real property03/2009Bainbridge Island
Personnel policies and procedures8/02Bellevue
Merit increases8/02Bellevue
Standard operating procedures to be used in the event of a computer virus attack Bellevue
Comprehensive financial management policies from 2011-2012 budget12/10Bellevue
Procurement card procedures2003Bellevue
Procedures for the acceptance and expenditure of monetary donations received by the city8/05Bellevue
Individual smart phone policy8/09Bellevue
Website policies and procedures2/11Bellevue
Policies governing asset and fund management, including rental, replacement and maintenance services for vehicles, motorized equipment and electronic equipment11/04Bellevue
Technology resource usage policy and work rules; appropriate use of the city, computers, all related peripherals, software, electronic communications, and Internet access04/2011Bellevue
Protocols for email correspondence for boards, commissions, committees and task forces re compliance with Open Public Meetings and Public Records Acts1/08Bellevue
Email management procedures9/09Bellevue
Email management software product training9/09Bellevue
Mobile phone policy05/10Bellevue
Street vacation procedures, policies and petition (information for applicant)2000Bellingham
Establishes procedures for the disposition of property, other than real estate, which is surplus to the needs of the city 8/00Bellingham
Policy for the reimbursement of travel, subsistence and related expenses, incurred by city employees while conducting city business1/03Bellingham
Guidelines for eligibility and payment of expenditures for meals, snacks and incidental expenses not related to out-of-town business travel or employee recognition activites7/03Bellingham
Public disclosure guidelines2/11Bellingham
Capital asset management system and/or capitalization policy3/10Bellingham
City fuel purchasing card program policy12/2006Bellingham
Guidelines for the approving and accepting of donations for park facilities and the recognition and the memorialization with the city park system05/2005Bellingham
City of Bellingham Policy ADM 00.00.05 - Ensuring continuity of government during pandemic flu epidemic - interim, issued May 15, 200605/06Bellingham
Use of blackberry communications devices3/06Bellingham
Guidelines, and operational rules for the administration and operation of Bayview Cemetery1/08Bellingham
Personal and real property management policy10/07Benton County
Remote access policy5/09Benton County
Investment policy5/10Benton County
Budget policies and procedures12/2011Benton County
Guidelines for the use of social media in the performance of city business and conduct by city employees who use social media to engage with customers on behalf of the city05/2011Bonney Lake
Military leave and military family leave policy08/2010Bonney Lake
City council protocol manual07/2013Bothell
Social media policy8/10Bothell
Procurement policy purchasing guidelines4/10Bothell
Policies and procedures for naming public parks and recreation facilities7/10Bothell
Policies and procedures related to unpaid leaves requested for faith or conscience.06/2014Bothell
Voluntary separation and reduced workweek program11/08Bremerton
Public Record Act rules6/10Bremerton
Electronic record policy3/06Bremerton
Policy for provision of guidance for the secure operation and implementation of wireless local are networks and Internet-enabled handheld devices2/08Bremerton
Acceptable use of computer equipment2/08Bremerton
City website policy2/08Bremerton
Telephone policy: includes cellular phones11/05Bremerton
Severe weather policyndBremerton
Recorded documents policy02/2012Bremerton
Computer passwords policy2/08Bremerton
Email use policy2/08Bremerton
Internet use policy2/08Bremerton
Procedures for the creation, modification and termination of network/computer access accounts2/08Bremerton
Standards for remotely connecting to the city's network from any host2/08Bremerton
Standard for the protection of sensitive elctronic data2/08Bremerton
Detention division policies and procedures manual3/11Buckley
Policies and procedures for public art expenditures4/15/02Burien
Cell phone policy11/09Burien
Parliamentary procedure for the board of adjustment2005Burlington
Financial goals and policies4/09Camas
Planning commission rules of procedure for quasi-judicial and legislative hearings 02/2003Camas
Financial policies2009Carnation
Street banner policy2001Centralia
Petty cash funds policies and procedures7/09Chelan
Roles, responsibilites and best practice recommendations for the use of social/new media by councilmembers in their capacity as elected officials08/2011Cheney
Guidelines and individual and departmental responsibilities for the use of social media08/2011Cheney
Healthy snacks and nutritional standards for parks and recreation events, community center and meetings07/2011Cheney
Facility rental policy07/2011Cheney
Public records policy08/2011Cheney
Fund balance reporting policy12/2011Cheney
Facility use agreement and policies01/2012Cheney
General financial policies12/2010Clallam County
Procedures relating to the requirements for application and contracts for grants7/05Clallam County
Issuing registered warrants, Policy No. 5224/06Clallam County
Cellular telephone/smartphones policy12/09Clallam County
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