RCW 26.26.021

Scope of act -- Choice of law -- Surrogate parentage contracts.

(1) This chapter applies to determinations of parentage in this state.

(2) The court shall apply the law of this state to adjudicate the parent-child relationship. The applicable law does not depend on:

(a) The place of birth of the child; or

(b) The past or present residence of the child.

(3) This chapter does not create, enlarge, or diminish parental rights or duties under other law of this state.

(4) If a birth results under a surrogate parentage contract that is unenforceable under the law of this state, the parent-child relationship is determined as provided in RCW 26.26.101 through 26.26.116 and applicable case law.

[2011 c 283 2; 2002 c 302 103.]


     Costs -- Application -- 2011 c 283: See notes following RCW 26.26.011.