Chapter 68.05 RCW



68.05.020"Board" defined.
68.05.024"Department" defined.
68.05.028"Director" defined.
68.05.030"Endowment care," "endowed care" defined.
68.05.090Administration and enforcement of title.
68.05.095Program administrator or manager.
68.05.105Authority of the board.
68.05.115Sale or transfer of cemetery authority or creation of a new cemetery -- Penalty for noncompliance.
68.05.120Actions to enforce law -- Attorney general.
68.05.150Examination of funds -- Powers, duties.
68.05.155Prearrangement sales license.
68.05.160Action required when authority fails to deposit minimum endowment amount or comply with prearrangement contract provisions.
68.05.170Order requiring reinvestment in compliance with title -- Actions for preservation and protection.
68.05.173Revocation, suspension of certificate or license.
68.05.175Permit or endorsement required for cremation.
68.05.180Annual report of authority -- Contents -- Verification.
68.05.190Examination of reports.
68.05.195Burial or scatter of cremated remains -- Permit.
68.05.210Proof of applicant's compliance with laws and financial responsibility.
68.05.215Certificates -- Regulatory charges--Expiration.
68.05.225Sales licenses -- Terms -- Fees.
68.05.235Reports -- Failure to file.
68.05.240Interment, certificate of authority required -- Penalty.
68.05.245Crematory permits or endorsements -- Terms -- Fees.
68.05.254Examination of endowment funds and prearrangement trust funds.
68.05.259Payment of examination expenses.
68.05.290Board members' immunity from suits.
68.05.300Unprofessional conduct -- Disciplinary action.
68.05.310Prearrangement sales -- Disciplinary action.
68.05.320Board action against authorities -- Administrative procedures.
68.05.330Violation -- Penalty -- Unfair practice -- Other laws applicable.
68.05.340Board action against authorities -- Cease and desist orders.
68.05.350Delaying board action pending administrative proceedings.
68.05.360Board action against authorities -- Hearing location -- Decision -- Review.
68.05.370Board action against authorities -- Enforcement of orders.
68.05.390Permit or endorsement required for cremation -- Penalty.
68.05.400Exemptions from chapter.
68.05.430Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
68.05.900Effective date -- 1987 c 331.