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Capital Project Financial Management - Seeking the "Universal Translator"

IIn this month's Finance Advisor column, Tracey Dunlap, Kirkland Finance Director, describes a capital financial management dashboard developed by Kirkland Finance and Public Works staff that combines finance and project management data to provide a snapshot of a project's status.
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CRAB Announces Certified Fuel Tax and CAPP Estimates for 2015 (Aug 18)
The County Road Administration Board (CRAB) has certified the 2014 estimates for county motor vehicle fuel tax (MVFT) receipts and county arterial preservation program (CAPP) allocation factors.

MRSC Welcomes a New Web Writer (Aug 18)
It’s an exciting time to be at MRSC! We’re undergoing a lot of changes – we’ve got a new logo, some new faces, and we’re working on an extensive website redesign to make our material more user-friendly. I began working at MRSC last month as a web writer and research analyst – I’ll be helping to revise our online content and post new information, and I’m also responsible for updating our local ballot measure database. More from MRSC Insight.

Filling a Vacancy in a City or Town Council (Aug 13)
With 281 cities and towns in Washington and with city and town councils typically consisting of five to seven members, there are bound to be vacancies in council positions on a fairly regular basis. Vacancies typically occur due the death, resignation, or loss of residency. If there is a vacancy, a replacement needs to appointed. This post addresses the requirements and process for doing that. More from MRSC Insight.

Block Grants Celebrate the “Big 4-0” and Other Updates from HUD (Aug 11)
MRSC Public Policy and Management Consultant Lynn Nordby shares the highlights from the latest Northwest HUDLines newsletter from the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Northwest Regional Office. More from MRSC Insight.

Waiving Competitive Bidding Requirements in the Event of an Emergency (Aug 8)
In view of the recent Oso landslide and numerous and destructive wildfires in our state, I thought it would be timely to provide a brief review of the rules in state law relating to waiving competitive bidding requirements in emergency situations, when a local government needs to act quickly. These rules are not new and are not complicated. More from MRSC Insight.

How the Cloud is Changing Everything for Government IT (Aug 13)
More governments are doing big data analytics, high-performance computing, collaborative applications and disaster recovery in the cloud. More from Government Technology.

Why a VA Scandal Is Unlikely to Happen at the Local Level (Aug 13)
Measuring performance is hard to do. But it's even harder to do when you're measuring it from hundreds of miles away -- as is the case for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. More from Governing.

Braving the New World of Performance-Based Zoning (Aug 13)
Conventional zoning is an outdated barrier against good urbanism, but there's disagreement on the best way forward. More from The Atlantic CityLab.

Texting 911: The Tech Is There but Cities Aren't Ready (Aug 13)
Only 100 emergency call centers out of more than 6,000 across the country are capable of receiving and responding to text messages. More from Governing.

Financing Green Infrastructure Projects - A Variety of Grants and Loans are Available (Aug 13)
From green rooftops in Chicago, to “RiverSmart” homes in D.C. and stormwater management in arid and drought-prone regions like Santa Fe, N.M., projects have moved forward when communities discovered the right agency to approach for grants and low-interest loans. More from Sustainable City Network.

Should Managers Focus on Performance or Engagement? (Aug 13)
Gallup examined this question and found that the answer isn't as "either/or" as many companies might think. More from Gallup Business Journal.

State Auditor’s Office Progress Report: Local Government Financial Health (Aug 13)
Based on audits of 2012 financial statements, State Auditor's report shows 57 governments across Washington “declining” financially. More from Washington State Auditor's Office.

Redesigning the Suburbs (Aug 13)
As urban living beats out the suburbs in popularity, local leaders should view abandoned property as potential community assets. This article discusses three important aspects to retrofitting the nation’s atrophying suburbs: Re-inhabitation, redevelopment and re-greening. More from American City and County.

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