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Emergency Preparedness Planning for a Pandemic

Planning for a pandemic is a health issue that involves all levels of government. In Washington State health planning is done by the state Department of Health and the local health boards and districts. Planning for a pandemic health emergency will require multi-jurisdictional coordination and cooperation. Local governments will need plans on how to continue services if, as a result of a pandemic influenza emergency, those who operate the services are unable to come to work.

The purpose of this page to centralize information useful to Washington local government officials working on preparedness plans to keep government services operating should there be a pandemic. Its is intended to supplement information from the Department of Health and local government health agencies. Included are sample preparedness plans and other documents related to local government operations.  Many of the documents  provided are from  the pandemic flu epidemic of 2006.  Also included are other states and Canadian provinces which have plans that have a municipal government component or address special, related topics.   If you have information to share or are aware of other websites to which we should link, please  E-mail the Page Editor


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