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Updated 02/2014

Smoking Regulations, Tobacco Prevention Programs



According to the Washington State Department of Health, tobacco remains the main cause of preventable disease and death in Washington state.

This page provides links to Washington state regulations relating to tobacco and provides examples of local regulations, policies, and recommendations. Information is also provided on smoke free initiatives, such as smoke free zones and smoking in cars when children are present. Though bills have been introduced, there is no legislative authority for regulating smoking in cars when children are present in Washington state.

Washington State Regulations

  • Ch 70.160 RCW - Smoking in Public Places (Formerly the Washington Clean Indoor Air Act) - Prohibits smoking in public places except in areas designated as smoking areas; amended by Initiative 901
  • RCW 26.28.080 - Prohibits selling or giving tobacco products to juveniles
  • RCW 28A.210.310 - Prohibits use of tobacco products on school property
  • Ch. 70.155 RCW - Regulates sale of tobacco products to minors and access of minors to those products

Local Government Policies, Regulations, and Recommendations

  • Clark County
    • Clark County Public Health Smoke-Free Housing - Public Health supports policies that protect people from involuntary exposure to secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing. Page provides recommendations
    • Smoke-Free Campus White Paper: Clark County Center for Community Health & Vancouver Veterans Administration, 05/2007 - The center houses the American Legion, Clark County Department of Community Services, Clark County Public Health Department, Clark County Veteran's Assistance Program, Community Services Northwest, Consumer Voices Are Born (CVAB), Cowlitz Indian Tribe Health & Human Services, Hotel Hope, Lifeline Connections, the Mental Health Ombudsman, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Lacey Municipal Code Ch. 9.46 - Smoking in Public Places
  • Mason County Code Ch. 2.104 - Smoking Policies - All Mason County property is designated smoke-free, including parks and fairgrounds
  • Pasco Municipal Code
    • Ch. 6.10 - Smoking Regulations
    • Sec. 9.48.245 - Smoking at or near Park Shelters, Playgrounds and Pools Prohibited
  • Seattle King County Public Health
    • King County Board of Health Resolution No. 10-07 - Encourages King County county and city councils, homeowners' association and condominium association boards, housing authorities, owners, developers and managers of nonprofit and for-profit publicly funded multifamily properties and owners, managers and developers of privately funded nonprofit and for-profit multi-family properties within King County to adopt no-smoking policies for the safety and welfare of all citizens and residents of King County, passed 09/16/2010
    • Tobacco Prevention Program
    • New Law Snuffs Out Smoking at Metro Bus Shelters - News from King County Department of Transportation, release date: February 27, 2006
  • Seattle Public Schools Tobacco-Free Environment, Policy No. 4215, 09/07/2011 - Prohibits the use of all tobacco products in or on Seattle School District property, on school-sponsored transportation, and at school district-sponsored events
  • Tacoma Pierce County Board of Health

Smoke-Free Parks

Washington Provisions

See also list of Washington jurisdictions with smoke free park policies in King County Tobacco Free Parks Policy Implementation Guide, 06/2011

  • Battle Ground Municipal Code Sec. 8.18.045 - Smoking and tobacco use regulated
  • Burien Park and Recreation Policy and Procedures Policy 3000.300.10 - Tobacco Free Parks, 11/17/2011
  • Mason County Code Sec. 9.44.041 - Smoking in County Parks or Fairgrounds (Scroll down to Sec.)
  • Olympia Resolution No. 1508 - Posting Signs Banning Smoking from Children's Play Areas
  • Pasco Ordinance No. 4158 - Adds Sec.9.48.245, Smoking at or Near Park Shelters, Playgrounds and Pools Prohibited, passed 05/19/2014
  • Puyallup Municipal Code Sec. 9.20.195 - Lighted Material in City Park Property Prohibited
  • Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation Code of Conduct Sec. 3.2.10 - Prohibits smoking, chewing, or other tobacco use within 25 feet of other park patrons and in play areas, beaches, or playgrounds
  • Spokane Parks and Recreation Board Policy Tobacco Free Park Zones in Park and Recreation Areas and/or Other Facilities, 09/2010
  • Tacoma
    • Tacoma Municipal Code Sec. 8.24.085 - Smoking in parks prohibited
    • Resolution No. 35519 - Authorizes the proper officers to post signs at prominent places in each city park, asking that park users please refrain from smoking on the park premises, passed 05/21/2002
  • Vancouver
    • Vancouver Municipal Code Sec. 15.04.130 - Tobacco products
    • Resolution No. M-3510 - Outdoors Facilities Voluntary Tobacco Free Policy, passed, 09/2005 - Includes policy statement and procedures
    • Resolution No. M-3519 - Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation's Community Center Campus Tobacco Free Policy, passed 11/2005 - Includes policy statement and procedures

Smoking in Motor Vehicles When Children Present

A number of states and Canadian provinces are considering or have passed legislation relating to smoking in vehicles when children are present. A bill has been introduced in the Washington Legislature as well.

Electronic Cigarettes

  • Webinar Archive of E-Cigarettes: A Path to Policy, Perspectives from Local and State Health Departments, presented by the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials and the National Association of County and City Health Officials, 01/21/2014 - Webinar presenters discussed: policy efforts on a local and state level addressing e-cigarettes; the current status of the FDA in regards to e-cigarette regulation and its implications; examples of policies specifically addressing e-cigarettes; resources available to help state and local efforts. Click here to listen (YouTube) to the webinar recording and here to view the Powerpoint slides
  • E-Cigarettes – Can They Be Used in Public Places or Places of Employment?, by Paul Sullivan, MRSC Insight, 11/06/2013
  • Cheney Municipal Code Ch. 9A.22 - Electronic Cigarettes and Related Devices
  • Clark County Public Health Smoking in Public Places Law and Electronic Cigarettes - Prohibits sale of E-cigarettes to minors
  • Liberty Lake Municipal Code Ch. 6-5 - Electronic Cigarettes
  • Pierce County Library System Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus - Includes prohibition on the use of E-cigarettes
  • Spokane Municipal Code Ch. 10.08 - Offenses Against Public Health, Article V. Electronic Cigarettes and Related Devices - Implements Spokane Regional Health Board recommendation to prohibit sale of E-cigarettes to minors
  • Spokane Valley Municipal Code Ch. 7.40 - Electronic Cigarettes and Related Devices

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