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Updated 05/2013

Information Resources for Washington Water-Sewer Districts



This page provides links to MRSC information useful to Washington water-sewer districts. The pages contain sample documents, reference sources, and links to local, state, and federal websites.


Water-Sewer District Document Resources


Online Codes

Online Resolutions

Interlocal Agreements

RCW 39.34.040 was amended by Ch. 32 Laws of 2006 (HB 2676) to provide an alternative to filing an interlocal agreement with the county auditor, a public agency may list the agreement on its website or other electronically retrievable public source. Here is a list of water-sewer districts known to MRSC that are posting interlocal agreements.

Policies and Procedures

Rate Schedules

Highlighted MRSC Webpages

This is a list of selected pages that may be of interest to water-sewer districts, but it is not inclusive. Use the MRSC Site Search or MRSC Site Index (alphabetical topic list) to find additional topics. Ask MRSC if you need assistance.

Highlighted MRSC Publications

This is a list of selected publications that may be of interest to water-sewer districts, but it is not inclusive. See MRSC Publications that offer a variety of ways for local government officials and staff to stay informed on issues that matter most to them, including publications, e-newsletters, social media, RSS feeds and more.

  • The Appearance of Fairness Doctrine in Washington State, Report No. 32 Revised, April 2011 - Provides an overview of the appearance of fairness statute, Ch. 42.36 RCW, including suggestions for assuring compliance with the law. Contains a section on commonly asked questions and a summary of cases.
  • Getting into Office: Being Elected or Appointed into Office in Washington Counties, Cities, Towns, and Special Districts, Report No. 62 Revised, January 2013
  • Knowing the Territory - Basic Legal Guidelines for Washington City, County and Special District Officials, Report No. 47 Revised, October 2013 - Describes the nature, powers and duties of municipal officials for "keeping out of trouble," discusses limitations, regulations, and admonitions regarding the exercise of governmental powers, including conflicts of interest law, the Open Public Meetings Act, Appearance of Fairness Doctrine and similar laws. It also points out immunities and protections.
  • Local Ordinances for Washington Cities and Counties, Report No. 50, June 2014 - This report has been prepared to assist Washington county, city, and town officials in the drafting and adoption of ordinances, resolutions, motions, and related devices. The report replaces Report No. 15, Local Ordinances: The Drafting, Compilations, Codification, and Revision of Ordinances. - Note Water-Sewer Districts adopt rules governing the transaction of its business by resolution, but contents of this publication may be useful.
  • The Open Public Meetings Act - How it Applies to Washington Cities, Counties, and Special Purpose Districts, Report No. 60 Revised, June 2014 - Covers who is subject to Act, procedural requirements, executive sessions, exemptions, and penalties, and identifies relevant case law and attorney general opinions.
  • Public Records Act for Washington Cities, Counties, and Special Purpose Districts, Report No. 61 (revised frequently) - Because the legislature routinely updates the Public Records Act statutes, and because the courts issue many decisions each year interpreting the statutes, MRSC has chosen to update this publication as needed. The electronic version available here is our latest version. If you like to use a printed copy, we recommend that you print a new copy periodically, so that you have the benefit of the most recent updates.
  • Washington State Small Public Works Roster Manual for Local Governments, Report No. 51 Revised, May 2009 - Chapter 138, Laws of 2000, significantly changed small public works roster provisions for awarding public works contracts. The legislature also directed the Washington State Department of Commerce (formerly CTED) and the Municipal Research Council to prepare and distribute a Small Works Roster manual. MRSC fulfilled this original obligation in 2000 with the original Small Works Roster Manual for Local Governments in paper form. Subsequent to that effort, the Manual was published and updated online on MRSC's website in PDF format.

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