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A Review of Labor Contracts, the Labor Negotiations Process, and Costing Issues

In this month's HR Advisor column, Cabot Dow, Labor Relations Advisor, Cabot Dow Associates, suggests a framework for review of existing labor contract issues and provisions, guidelines for navigating the labor negotiations process, and resources for costing out labor contract provisions.
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Doesn’t That Just Get Your Goat! (Apr 21)
John Carpita, MRSC Public Works Consultant, ruminates over the value of contracting with goat herders, or perhaps owning a herd of your own, for vegetation and weed removal services. More from MRSC Insight.

Explaining the Open Government Trainings Act (Apr 16)
Recognizing that, "whether due to error or ignorance, violations of the public records act and open public meetings act are very costly for state and local governments," the Legislature enacted and the Governor signed ESB 5964, named the "Open Government Trainings Act." More from MRSC Insight.

Managing Public-Sector Retiree Health-Care Benefits under the Affordable Care Act (Apr 17)
A new health-care landscape is taking shape, providing access to health-care benefits through the ACA’s state exchanges. These changes create uncertainty and confusion, but also – potentially – opportunities. More from Government Finance Review.

MRSC Webinar: Land Use Case Law Update (Apr 14)
In this Land Use Case Law Update Webinar (Thursday, May 15, 2014), MRSC hosts Phil Olbrechts as he summarizes important land use cases of the past year, providing practical advice and guidance for local government land use regulation and permit review.

Survey Ranks Where Residents Are Most Satisfied with Their Communities (Apr 17)
A new Gallup survey finds 85 percent of Americans are satisfied with the city or area where they live. Compare ratings for each metro area. More from Governing.

Using CompStat to Manage a Police Budget (Apr 17)
If CompStat is an effective and efficient tool to combat crime, can it also be a mechanism by which a police organization can manage a budget? More from The Police Chief.

Study Reveals America's Most Sprawling Cities (And L.A. Isn't One Of Them) (Apr 17)
Researchers at the University of Utah conducted the study by calculating the Sprawl Index for each of 221 U.S. metro areas, based on density; mix of homes, jobs and services within neighborhoods; strength of downtowns and accessibility of street networks. More from Forbes.

Town and Gown Relations: The Most Common Leading Practices (Apr 17)
When proactive town-gown practices are used, everyone benefits--public and school officials, as well as residents and students. More from Public Management.

Cutting Car Reliance, One Trip at a Time (Apr 17)
In Motion, a community-based program in King County, Washington, nudges people away from driving alone toward alternative travel modes with a hyper-localized behavioral campaign. More from The Atlantic Cities.

Balancing Privacy, Jobs in the Drone Debate (Apr 17)
Most states are wrestling with how to restrict the nascent domestic drone industry. North Dakota is embracing it. More from Government Technology.

Have U.S. Light Rail Systems Been Worth the Investment? (Apr 17)
Thirty years into the initial experiment shows that light rail has not been the game changer it was hoped to be. More from The Atlantic Cities.

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